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Microsoft’s MIX11 event was a Las Vegas conference and gathering of developers, designers, UX experts, and business professionals who have...


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Exsilio provides technical solutions, including web and application development, marketing and creative design, and project management. I worked on the creative...


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Build is an annual event held by Microsoft, geared towards giving developers deep training on Microsoft platforms. For their...

Imagine Cup

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Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft, which brings together young technologists worldwide to help...
Client: Jane McDoe - SEO Expert

Very pleased with Workspace. Hope to have continuing business with them again.


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TechEd, a conference designed to provide technical education, product evaluation and community resources for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers....


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Recognized as the global leader in producing innovative rider communication solutions, SENA provides motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts with...
Client: Jane McDoe - CEO Cisco

Tom is a great guy, he could be more perfectionist when it comes to small detailsbut the work was done, Matin was flexible and we finished everything that needed to be..


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Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), a technical conference aimed at increasing attendees’ technical expertise. This collaborative creative team effort included...
Client: John Doe - DB Expert

When he starts work with me, I wasn't sure he can do all my requirements, in a professional way, cus I know my system isn't that easy, it some how like a banking system, with many tiny details, Thanks.